WHO is David A. Bacharach?   WHO will be working on my case?
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Leonard E. Bacharach

Howard B. Bacharach

David A. Bacharach
When you choose The Office of David A. Bacharach, you can trust that your case will be handled by the best in the business. Your case will be handled by Mr. Bacharach himself, or one of his select Process Serving / Legal Support SpecialistsTM. Our team of PS/LS SpecialistsTM is hand-picked and screened by Mr.Bacharach.

Between us, our team of PS/LS Specialists has decades of experience serving some of the toughest cases around. We have served celebrities, professional athletes, executives at internationally renowned companies and individuals you may have heard about on the evening news or read about in the newspaper headlines.

As a high end company, David A. Bacharach has set the bar high, for himself and for his team of Specialists.

So we ask with confidence:
Whose hands are you putting your work in to?