HOW does the Office of David A. Bacharach get the job done?   HOW much is it going to cost me?
The Office of David A. Bacharach believes:

We Get What We Pay For.

When first researching the industry, Mr.Bacharach found that most process serving companies were competing with each other based on price. Everyone was trying to be the cheapest. At first this seems ideal to the consumer, but, if you dig a little deeper, you get to the reality of the business arrangement.

Most companies charge a small flat fee to handle your service of process. Then, those companies contract the work out to an independent process server and pay them less than half, usually a fraction of the fee, to actually serve the papers. The process server is then expected to exercise due diligence, possibly making several attempts at service, all for about $8-$10 dollars ($12-$15 dollars if they are lucky).

It was no wonder that in 1986, the N.Y.C Department of Consumer Affairs, and others, found “Sewer-Service” (when a process server issues a sworn affidavit that the papers were served but actually throws them away) to be “rampant” in the industry.

David A. Bacharach and his team of Process Serving / Legal Support SpecialistsTM are the men and women out there in the field.

They are the ones who put their names on the line, who sign the affidavits, and who exercise due diligence. Mr.Bacharach wouldn’t dream of asking one of his team members to make several attempts, day and night, over the course of several days for $20 dollars.

Mr.Bacharach is out there himself and knows what it takes to get the job done (patience, persistence, intelligence, being observant, asking questions, etc.).

We guarantee our clients:
We will use every means afforded to us by law to get the job done.

That is why we tell all our clients, honestly and up-front, that we are a high-end boutique business. We ask our clients the same questions you see on our main page (Who, What, When, Where and Why) and then based on the answers we quote a price. Once we are in agreement, The Office of David A. Bacharach takes care of the ‘How’.

At The Office of David A. Bacharach, we like to say:
Our clients ‘call the shots’ and we ‘execute’

so tell us what you want done and then let us go to work for you!

Click on the link below to see our fee schedule. The fee schedule is meant to give you a basic idea of how much your service will cost. Please call our office to discuss your service and to receive an exact price quote.

Fee Schedule - (As of JULY 2007)